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        If you must cancel an appointment we ask that you give at least  24 hours notice.  There will be a $15 fee for anything less than 24 hours added to your next appointment.

Late Arrivals

      In most cases pets arriving more than 30 minutes late may need to be rescheduled.  There will also be a $15 fee added to your rescheduled appointment.


      No-shows will be noted.  After two “No-Shows” you will be required to pay for your grooming appointment in full prior to the appointment, in addition to the the fees incurred for not cancelling your appointment.  

         If this seems a bit extreme, please understand that we work on an appointment basis. If you miss your appointment,  not only have we lost business but also have lost a spot for a customer who could have used it.  

Picking up PRIOR to being notified  

     We will call you either just before completing your pet or as soon as we are finished, unless otherwise arranged. Our salon is fitted with the "Ring" video doorbell system, allowing us to see you coming without you even touching the doorbell. We can also talk to you through this system.  If your pet is not complete we will not allow you in the building. This is for the SAFETY of your pet as well as for our time management.  We ask that you respect that. If you still insist on entering the building before your pet is finished, you will be expected to pay for your services in full and the grooming will end at that point.


       Updated vaccinations are in the best interest for your pets and the other visiting pets. For their protection, we adhere to a strict vaccination policy. Please be ready to provide current vaccination records for rabies, distemper & parvovirus (DHLPP) and  FeLV for cats.

       We are a flea-free dog grooming salon but we understand that we can not totally avoid fleas, especially during summer-time. We would greatly appreciate the home use of flea prevention medication on your pet.  You will need to contact your veterinarian for options in the event of an infestation.  WE DO NOT OFFER FLEA SHAMPOOS OR DIPS IN THIS SALON.  In our opinion these are old and ineffective methods to treat infestations and we will not charge you for a service that will not work  and puts the other pets in our facility at risk.  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SEND YOUR DOG HOME IF WE FIND FLEAS. PLEASE INSPECT YOUR DOG BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT.

Leashed Pets
       You are to keep your pets leashed or crated while bringing them in and out of our salon.  Please ensure that their collars are properly secure before you leave your homes to prevent any accidents.  We are located on a main road and have on-street parking. Additionally, do not remove leashes as soon as you walk in the door, as we will do this after you leave. 

         Val Simoes has been working in the grooming industry for 19 years.  Together with Nikki MacCallum and her 15 years of grooming experience, we opened Bark of The Town Grooming Studio LLC with a combined vision, taking a little of what we have learned from our experiences along the way to create that vision.  We wanted a clean, comfortable salon where our customers feel warm and welcomed stepping into our door.  In September of 2014 we opened up Bark of The Town Grooming Studio confident that we had achieved that vision.    

         The vision has been a success to say the least.  Over the past several years we have been voted "best of"  in several publications, and had a local paper give us a nice write-up.  However the best part is that our customers genuinely LOVE us!  And you can see that in their reviews.  

         Last spring we began a large remodel on our current facility, updating our equipment and expanding our salon area in order to accommodate another groomer, and possibly hire a few helpers.  

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