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Do you take my dog outside during grooming? 
     No. Your dog’s safety is our priority and we groom your dog safely and comfortably inside. Please remember to walk your pets before coming to the salon and to clean up after them.  We have plenty of bags inside as well as buckets outside to dispose of  waste, please do not hesitate to ask.  We strive to keep a clean facility inside and out.  

When is it best to have my puppy groomed for the first time?  
     We like to see new puppies in our shop as early as 8 weeks of age. It’s never too early to get your dog accustomed to grooming. Your puppy’s first visit will be short and simple. Probably just a bath, blow-dry, nail clipping, and perhaps a little trimming around the face. We need to start slow and sweet so as not to stress the little pup out and to avoid “turning him off” to the grooming process. 

Why do I need to have my dog groomed every 4 – 6 weeks?  ​
     In order to maintain a proper and manageable coat, it is recommended that you have your dog groomed every 4 – 6 weeks. This is true for non-shedding breeds such as Poodles, Bichons, ShihTzus, Lhasa Apsos, Terriers, etc. The coat on these breeds can easily become painfully matted if not properly maintained. Breeds that have short, shedding coats can usually wait 8 -12 weeks between grooming appointments as long as they are brushed thoroughly at home. 

My pet has a lot of mats, is it necessary to shave them out? 
​     It depends on the severity of the matting. Minor mats can sometimes be worked out, but many times shaving down or stripping is necessary. Your groomer will try to leave the coat as long as possible, but if the mats are very tight, shaving may be the only option. Remember, it grows back and your pet will feel better!     
     Severe mats can cause skin irritations and hide other conditions such as hot spots, dermatitis, seborrhea, cuts, scabs, sores and redness. It is not unusual to encounter these problems when the coat is stripped from a badly matted animal and it is definitely in your pet's best interest to address them. 

My dog's mats require a shave down, what can I expect? 
     ​Pets with matted coats need extra time and attention during grooming.  We use extreme care when removing a badly matted coat, but there are risks involved.  Some of those risks include nicks, cuts, or abrasions due to warts, moles, and skin trapped in the mats.  After-effects of mat removal can include itchiness, skin redness, self-inflicted irritation and failure of the hair to regrow.  Shaved pets are also more at risk of sunburn and should be protected from the sun until the hair has grown sufficiently to protect the skin.  In some cases, brief behavioral changes may be seen, but the vast majority of matted dogs show immense relief and happiness after removal of a matted coat. 

What can I do to prevent matting? 
     Prevention is by far the best defense against matting by scheduling regular grooming appointments.  Brushing your dog at home is also very important.   We are always happy to demonstrate proper brushing techniques for you to use at home. 

Does my dog have to be crated? 

     We do crate dogs in our salon, especially on busier days.  However, we also allow each dog free-play time to relax and hang out with us before and after a groom.  Our pets are groomed start-to-finish one at a time allowing us to give each one personal attention.  When they are finished they will have to wait in a crate for you to pick them up.  We call you just as we are finishing up, giving you time to get here.  The amount of time they spend in the crate is determined by how long you take to get here.  The only other time they maybe in a crate is if they have a fear of hand dryers.  Please note our kennel dryer is not a heat dryer and our kennels are not enclosed. We use the safest methods available for the safety and security of your pets.

How long will my pets appointment take?

     Generally, appointments run 1 to 2 hours. Larger dogs can take longer.  On busy days we can run behind schedule.  We will do our best to give you a pick-up time at drop-off.  We ask that you are on time for your appointments so that we can stay on track with the rest of our day.  
     We feel that if your dog is here for grooming, that can be stressful enough for them.  For that reason we do not offer early drops-offs allowing you to leave them all day.  Grooming salons are active and loud and being in a crate all day after they have been groomed is just not an ideal situation for your pet.  We have their comfort in mind first and feel it is best they return home after a grooming to avoid unnecessary stress.

Should I Tip My Groomer?
     If you are pleased with the service you have received we encourage you to show your appreciation to your groomer. Although not required, a gratuity is a powerful way to say "I appreciate your work."